Toddler safety

Now that your baby is walking and running, it has all the world to explore. You will be always on the run! So it is important that when you are outdoors, make sure the environment is safe for your child’s “exploration”.

In playgrounds

  • Make sure the playground you take your child too is coated with soft materials such as sand, fine gravel or preferably tartan. Avoid playgrounds that are coated with dirt or grass, because these materials get compressed with frequent use and can be quite hard.
  • Make sure all bolts and screws are securely tight and all “S” hooks are closed.
  • Check the comfort of the area and make sure that the toys are properly fixed to the ground. Check also, whether they are in good condition (e.g. rusty).
  • Children  aged 5-12 years have a different development to preschoolers. Check that there is the appropriate safe equipment for your child’s age  (e.g. for toddlers there should be special swings with bars on all sides).
  • Young children are most likely to be injured in the face, as they have not yet developed their motor or cognitive skills to instinctively protect their head.

Solar protection

From the USA Skin Cancer Foundation.

  • Protect your child as much as possible from the sun, especially at an early age.
  • Use a 15 SPF sunscreen as a minimum or at the recommendation of a dermatologist.
  • Especially during the summer months when the sunlight in Greece is very intense and strong, the SPF should be much higher.
  • Use a hat and sunglasses.
  • Use natural shade.

On the road

  • Teach your child to be very careful with cars and always have it under your supervision.
  • Always walk with it on the pavement, where there is one and is not occupied.
  • When there is no pavement or it is occupied, walk on the side of the road, with the child in front of you or on the inner side (towards the edge) and holding its hand or carrying it in your arms.
  • In two-way streets, always walk opposite to the direction cars, so you can see the cars coming.
  • Always use the pedestrian crossing to cross the street, when the pedestrian light is green. Always stop at red.
  • Before crossing the street, always look left and right, even when the traffic light is green.
  • When moving on the street you should not trust drivers, always be careful.